Saturday, March 11, 2017

Eternal Bond

Eternal Bonds

The dark secrets engulfing 17 year-old Julia's very existence are turning the strings of fate into a noose around her neck.
Julia, a half breed, has many mysteries entangling her life, one of which is being born with unimaginable powers. Thorsen the head of a mighty dark faerie house knows this secret. And he's desperate to forge her into a weapon he can use to rule the supernatural world. To keep her safe she's hidden, her powers sealed and her true identity kept a secret even from her.
Years later Julia runs off to the human realm and Thorsen finally finds her. An obnoxious dark faerie named Alex rescues her. It's hate at first sight and Julia returns home happy to never see him again. When Alex barges headlong into her life making it a misery, all she wants to do is slap the sexy off his face. Despite all this, they're irresistibly drawn together, like moths to a firestorm. Trouble is, she'd chew her leg off before admitting she's in love. And Alex's only goal is protecting her from Thorsen, love only complicates things.  
Now Thorsen's hell-bent on capturing Julia-if that means killing everyone she loves to possess her, so be it. Julia must uncover the dark truths surrounding her very existence and embrace the mysterious bond tying her soul to Alex's. Because they're the keys to unlocking her powers. Yet in this world of secrets nothing's as it seems and some truths may well destroy her.