Saturday, February 25, 2017

Lost and Found

Lost and Found - The Cogburn Files

Jane Nolan was abandoned as a child, grew up in foster homes and was living on the streets of Sam Remus when Edwina Cogburn, heiress of the Cogburn fortune, found her and gave her a home in her penthouse, and for ten years they were each others family. But now Edwina is dead and Jane can't cope.
    Sam Dunmore's mother gave him up for adoption and he grew up in a small town near Lake Tahoe. Now, he's an unemployed pool cleaner living in Las Vegas. He receives a phone call from a lawyer who tells him that he's inherited his grandmother's fortune.
    While Sam is living in Edwina's penthouse and slowly learns of his family history, Jane is at the Hartford psychiatric clinic, where she must remember the night that changed everyone's lives.