Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Right to Rule

The Right to Rule | #Wattys2016

~ Book 1 of The Sundered Land Chronicles ~
  For centuries the Land of Arrah has known nothing but war.
  In the Omarion Kingdom, the war is the least of their problems as court politics stir up trouble from within. However, Crown Prince Philip has other concerns - the murder of his mother.
  Meanwhile, the Emperor of Seoyeon has discovered a secret that can change the fate of Arrah once and for all. Clever and calculated, Emperor Fermat will stop at nothing to win the war. But things fall hard for Captain Tormac as he struggles to maintain the facade of loyal servant to the Emperor, when, really, he's not.
  War waits for no one. When so much is at stake, neither side can back down in their bid for victory and the ultimate right to rule.